• Design Coordination:
    Investment decisions are carried out in line and goal-oriented.
  • Tender Coordination
    Investment properties and processes are carried out in line with budget and time-oriented.
  • Schedule Management
    The creation of the work program of the project scenario and to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Contract Administration
    Drafting of contracts, administrative and technical requirements to ensure compliance with the investment objectives and terms of the contract for the duration of the temporal manufacturing, financial and technical control.
  • Risk assessment and management
    At every stage of investment, financial, temporal and determine whether the risks from a technical perspective, reporting and solution proposals to be submitted to the employer.
  • Construction Management
    The desired quality of the project, to be completed on time and on budget foreseen for the completion of all necessary checks performed, according to the design of manufacturing includes services provided on behalf of completion.
  • Cost Management
    Carried out throughout the duration of the project consists of all construction expenses related to the investment budget to ensure compliance and control.
  • Test start up and commissioning
    At the stage of completion of the project, planned and described the realization of the testing and commissioning procedures, coordination, and the whole system runs smoothly and the Employer 'is to be delivered.